Wii Party is a party game for the Wii.

Wii Party (Wiiパーティ)


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Nd Cube, Nintendo EAD -


Nintendo -


Wii -

Release Dates:

JP - July 8th, 2010

NA - October 3rd, 2010

EU - October 8th, 2010 -


Party -


CERO: A (Everyone)

ESRB: Everyone -

Mii use:

Mandatory (guest Miis available)


The gameplay of Wii Party is similar to a traditional board game: a player rolls two dice and proceeds the indicated number of steps (Miis are used as players' game pieces). Wii Party features three game modes: Party Games, House Party Games, and Pair Games.


In its first week of release in Japan, Wii Party sold 230,000 units and was the country's best-selling game that week.

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