Muigi's Road to LEGO Racing Fame is a video series created by MarioMario54321.

Muigi's Road to LEGO Racing Fame!


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MarioMario54321 -


Racing -


3 (All released on 4/10/10) -

Original run:

April 10th, 2010 -




Rocket Racer is saddened by losing against Muigi in LEGO Racers. Rocket Racer eventually stumbled upon a poster for Xalax. Rocket Racer accepts the challenge and becomes #1 LEGO Racer of all time again.

Meanwhile, Muigi heard that he needs to race in every course that he hasn't cleared yet in LEGO Racers 1. After beating all of the courses while saying "GO MEEGEE!" repeatedly, he is challenged in a showdown and wins the Title of #1 LEGO Racer of All Time and a trophy of solid gold.

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